Carrie Underwood’s Sweet Christmas Duet With Son Isaiah On “Little Drummer Boy”

Carrie Underwood shared a heartwarming duet with her five-year-old son, Isaiah Fisher, on “Little Drummer Boy”. Young Isaiah took the lead with a sweet opening vocal in the first verse. The footage captured his proud mom cheering him on from the vocal booth, creating a truly special moment for the pair.

Carrie then took on the second verse, and as the song progressed, they blended their voices in a beautiful moment for the final section, showcasing a unique and touching mother-son performance

When it was uploaded on Dec 14, 2020, it has garnered over 3 million views with 58K likes. You can watch the pair perform the song in the video below

The duet between Underwood and Isaiah left a lasting impression on her fans, who flooded the comments with positive feedback.

One person wrote, “This is the BEST version of this song. It captures the moment of Christ’s birth through his sweet voice. I was not a fan of this song before, but this sweet boy made it one of my favorites. I listen to it so often now, it warms my heart.”

Another alo commented, “I’m sitting here crying and my husband asked “What are you watching?” So I took off my earphones and listened to this beautiful child sing with his momma. Thank you so very much. May the Lord bless you and your family.”

The heartfelt rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” held a special place for Underwood, inspiring the title of the album. She expressed her love for the Christmas classic and pondered how to make it extra special.

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