His Family Surprised Nick Edwards With An Audition On BGT

Nick Edwards took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent 2022, creating a heart-warming moment that left the audience wondering if they had been tricked. At that time, Nick’s daughters, three-year-old Savannah, and four-year-old Cali, were brought on stage by his mother, Tracey to persuade him to audition for the show. It wasn’t surprising that the unforgettable moment brought tears to his eyes.

His mother then revealed to the audience: “Well, Nick doesn’t know anything about it and we’re surprising him because we want him to come and sing because he sings a lovely song for the girls.”

With less than an hour on the clock, Nick Edwards faced the challenge of composing himself and practicing Ernie Halter’s track “Daddy’s Little Girl” with his own acoustic guitar. Little did he know, his family had secretly brought the guitar along for this unexpected audition. Singing a song he often sang around the house, Nick stepped up to perform in front of the judges.

He managed to handle his nerves and gave the audience a great, emotional performance. As a result, he passed as all four judges enthusiastically granted him a unanimous “yes.” Let’s enjoy his performance in the video below:

As soon as he finished his performance, everyone in the room, including the judges, stood up and applauded for that amazing performance. Many people commented on this video on Youtube: “Man brought the whole crowd to tears, should have definitely been a golden buzzer.” Another added, “Wow, this was a surprisingly powerful song. Much respect for this man, you can hear his love for his daughters, the hope he has for their future and the acceptance of what may come to pass!”

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