With a classic nursery rhyme, a cute 2-year-old breaks the internet.

Many of us grew up singing nursery rhymes and passed them down to our children. They were all catchy, whether you liked Humpty Dumpty or The Wheels on the Bus. With her performance of “Old MacDonald,” one adorable child won the hearts of millions.

Josie is a sweet two-year-old who, like any other child, adores animals. Her parents even purchased her a finger puppet toy with barnyard animals. Josie had no idea that what happened next would make her famous.

She sang an adorable rendition of “Old MacDonald” in the doorway of her parent’s bedroom in 2014. She couldn’t understand some of the words, but that didn’t stop her from trying her hardest.

Dogs, cats, cows, and even a small duck are among the animals she sings about. The endearing performance will make your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. As she concludes the nursery rhyme with a boom, you can’t help but laugh.

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