Little Flower Girl Dances In Front Of Crowd, Then The Song Changes And They All Lose It

There are many momentous events a person experiences throughout their lifetime. But none compares to that of your wedding day.

Securing the venue and finding the perfect wedding attire, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours preparing for the blessed event.
Your duties may even include asking friends and family members to stand up in your wedding party.

If you’re fortunate to know little ones, that role may extend to finding the perfect flower girl.

Beyond carrying flowers or dropping rose petals down the aisle, a young girl probably relishes in this role as they get to be a princess for a day and dress in formal attire.

Some young girls are naturals and may add a bit of sass and attitude to the day. Others may need some coaxing just to get them down the aisle.

If the little ones can make it through the ceremony, their reward is the reception where they can finally let off some pent-up energy.

The tiny tot in this video seems to be enjoying herself the second her feet touch the dance floor. She’s also putting on a show that wedding guests won’t soon forget.
Justin Bieber’s song Baby was the first to be played, and the flower girl quickly moved on the floor to dance.

An adult at the wedding tried to join in on the fun, but the girl wanted the area to herself.
Gangnam Style was the next song to play at the wedding and guests were in for an even greater show.

The flower girl couldn’t get enough of the song and moved enthusiastically to the beat.

With her arms waving in the air and feet jumping, the little girl danced her heart out as guests cheered her on.

Her movements were so enthusiastic that her satin bow flew off in mid-song, and she didn’t even care.

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