6 brothers danced together at their sister’s wedding

A dance as a gift for a wedding is an original idea that almost any of the invited guests can implement. After all, the main thing in it is the desire to surprise. A wedding is a real celebration of life, which is not customary to come without a gift. All guests participate in the process of giving gifts. Very often, the bride and groom secretly prepare gifts for each other and give it during the celebration. A very unusual and original gift can be a dance. It requires careful preparation, but it looks unusually impressive and is remembered for many years. This is a very rare gift, many guests will surely see an organized dance live for the first time in their lives, which means that the wedding will give them an unforgettable experience. Such a performance will come as a surprise to everyone, general delight and amazement are guaranteed. Even a few choreography lessons will add grace and beauty to the movements, teach how to move correctly and keep the posture. Guests can also organize a secret surprise for the newlyweds.

7 brothers dancing at sister's wedding

They just need to find out the wedding program from the organizers so that the unexpected number does not spoil anything. It would be better to entrust this mission to the bride’s sister or her best friend. The dance can be announced as a leader or toastmaster, or it can be organized in the form of a flash mob. In this case, one guest can suddenly start dancing, and others will join in the process. The more people involved, the cooler it will look.
A cool and memorable dance was given to their sister for her wedding by her six brothers. Kishan Kotecha could not even imagine what a surprise awaits her during the celebration. When the only sister gets married, this is a real event. The brothers decided to make this day unforgettable. They prepared a dance program in advance and unexpectedly danced at the wedding. Everyone was delighted, young people danced professionally. Kishan will definitely remember this day and appreciate the efforts of her brothers.



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