Identical twins born after 14 months apart became stars on the Internet

Identical twins born after 14 months apart became stars on the Internet

Now in social networks people have the opportunity to show their interesting appearance, unique data.

By demonstrating your natural zest, you can even build a modeling career. Children are no exception in this regard. Aria and Luke are often mistaken for twins, but they are the same age – they have a difference of 14 months.

Sheena Walters, the mother of these amazing children, even when they were very young, noticed that the kids get admiring glances and a lot of compliments. All this thanks to the amazing blue eyes of the guys.Walters shared various pictures of her two offspring side by side. In every snap, both of them had the same bright blue eyes and facial structure.

Photographers and model scouts also did not disregard children with such an unusual appearance. Already at a young age, brother and sister take part in fashion photography. Perhaps the career of models for the guys will be continued.

Sheena Walters created a TikTok account for Aria and Luke to develop children’s media awareness. Their page has over 470,000 followers, and this is probably not the limit. Individuals in the comment section could not believe how similar the two children looked. Some remarked on how gorgeous they were

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