Determined Family Cat Saves 6-Week-Old’s Life After Alerting Mom Over The Baby Monitor

When a helpless six-week-old infant lay dying in her crib from acute respiratory failure, this furry hero knew he had to act fast. His quick-thinking saved this little girl’s life, and we can’t help but be amazed.

Bernita and Roy Rogers’ family first grew when a tiny black kitten showed up on their doorstep. After the couple had struggled previously to conceive, it looked like their prayers had been finally answered with the arrival of their first fur baby.

As Midnight the cat secured himself a place in the Rogers’ hearts, the couple was finally able to welcome their first child into the world, a little girl they named Stacey. But they had no idea that Midnight would soon play a huge role in Stacey’s life.

Upon finding the little girl struggling to breath one night due to acute respiratory failure, Midnight sprang into action, alerting Bernita in the most genius way – by broadcasting his meows through the girls’ baby monitor. This cat certainly deserves a medal for his brave heart, and this video has us in tears.

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