She became a 49-year-old mother, but people didn’t let her experience the joy/ They criticized her: Where do you get the time to raise her?

A woman has fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a mother after an unexpected message from a distant relative, asking if she would be interested in adopting her child. Kris Monsour, of Canal Winchester, Ohio, now 51, spent more than ten years trying for children and had two miscarriages before deciding to adopt a thousand newborns.

Kris was 49 when she and her husband adopted Ainsley, now two, in March 2020 and spent $19,000 on the process. the mother at the age of three months.

A doctor ended up telling me that I should stop trying and that I would never be a mother. It was a big day, but I was determined to focus on my work.”

For seven years, the desire to become a mother never left her mind, and she often found herself holding out hope that she might still have a chance.

Then, one afternoon in 2019, a distant relative texted vaguely to see if Kris and Clay, an entrepreneur, were still interested in having a thousand and would consider adoption. “We made the decision that we were going to do it, it was absolutely right.”

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