Barron Trump once invited his entire class to the White House: Inside the unforgettable field trip

Barron Trump, the son of business magnate Donald Trump, led a unique childhood marked by opulence at the Trump Tower in Manhattan. His life took an extraordinary turn at age 11 when he became the first “first son” to reside in the White House since the Kennedy era. Despite Melania Trump’s efforts to shield him from the public eye, Barron orchestrated a memorable experience for his classmates, organizing a field trip to the White House.

Known to the world shortly after birth, Barron displayed creativity, drawing on the walls of his Trump Tower playroom. Melania emphasized fostering his imagination. Upon Donald Trump’s 2016 presidency, Melania and Barron delayed their move to the White House to complete his school year in New York. Barron attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School before transitioning to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Maryland.

Melania fiercely guarded Barron’s privacy during the Trump presidency, seeking the media’s cooperation and managing his communications. Despite limited public appearances, Barron attracted attention when he arranged a White House visit for his friends, offering them a unique and intimate tour, complete with a meeting with President Trump. Today, Barron, 17, attends Oxbridge Academy in Florida, facing challenges like death threats. The Trumps are exploring college options, with Donald Trump mentioning the possibility of Barron attending the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. The question remains whether Barron will follow in his father’s footsteps or forge a distinct path.

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