A woman who raises her 5 children alone, because her husband found out about the children and left

Oksana Kobeletskaya, a resident of Odessa, lived with her husband, Sergey Semenov, until 2016. The couple lived happily, raising their little daughter Alice, but they were thinking about a second child. Oksana and Sergey wanted a boy, a brother for a girl. When the wife became pregnant, the husband was in seventh heaven with happiness.

Oksana and Sergey were surprised at first when they were told that they would have 5 children. However, there was no mistake, the doctor confirmed the result. After all, the chance of having five children at once is 1:85 million. The husband, knowing about all this, left his wife. After some time, however, he returned, telling Oksana that he would help her in everything.

He kept his word until birth. Sergey supported his wife in everything. Helpful and always there. With the arrival of the quintuplets, the family decided to help at the level of the municipality. And the spouses and their six children were allocated a six-room apartment. Endless days and sleepless nights began. Sometimes it is difficult to cope with one child, let alone five newborns. Sometimes there is not even a free minute to spend time for yourself. However, Sergey coped at first and supported Oksana in everything and helped her․

My husband lasted only 6 months. He kept saying that he was tired and needed a break from family life. Oksana practically did not sleep, she was busy with children all the time. After all, it just took a long time to feed and buy everyone. At night, the young mother managed to sleep very little. However, she had small children who required constant attention and care. Therefore, he did not complain and did not have time. When the children were six months old, Sergey left the family again. Only this time his departure was final.

The most surprising thing is that Sergey categorically refused to pay alimony to all his children. How does Oksana live alone today with 6 children in her arms? He is always busy, he has no time to rest. After all, in the morning she has to take all the children to kindergarten. For that, they gave the woman a minibus. He got his driver’s license. Of course, it is easier for him to get the children to the right place. The world is not without good people.

Neighbors, townspeople and just caring people started helping the single mother with many children. For that, they even created a special support fund. Every caring person could provide all possible help to Oksana and her children. Oksana herself did not sit idly by. He started to maintain his blog on the Internet, where he tells and shows the daily life of his family. The interest in fives is quite high. Therefore, it is not surprising that Oksana has more than one hundred thousand subscribers.

Oksana and the boys are often invited for photo shoots and advertising. The woman agrees because she needs something to live on. Thus, Oksana provides for her large family herself and does not need money. I want to wish this brave woman health, great strength, patience and simple happiness.

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