11-Yr-Old’s Brilliant ‘All American Girl’ Has Entire Auditorium Cheering

Child singers are some of the most fun to watch on the talent shows: we just can’t believe someone so young can be so talented. Well this video is no exception.

Chloe Channel from Pensacola, Florida, is only 11 but, according to her, she’s an old hand at it. “I started singing when I was seven years old,” she said, “I just started to love it. I sing all the time.”

The most interesting part, however, is when Chloe describes what she will do with the money. “I’ll buy a hunting camp,” she said, which is a place in rural area that can be used as a base camp for hunting various types of animals. The judges take the opportunity to make fun of her a bit, but luckily Chloe doesn’t seem to mind.

The joking stops, however, when she starts to sing. Her cover of Carrie Underwood’s “All American Girl” has the audience on its feet and the entire auditorium rocking. The judges all say she’s the real thing and give her the big thumbs up.

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