Twins Hear Daddy Playing Guitar And Bust Out With Move That Has Mom Crying From Laughter

Children make life worth living. There is definitely a reason why the cutest videos always have baby humans and baby animals in them. When a little child starts to jump around and dance, everyone wants to stop and watch.This video is bound to make you smile. The mother and father just wanted to play guitar during dinner, but the baby twins had something else in mind.

As soon as the music started to play, the adorable girls started to dance in their chairs and move in rhythm to the beat. Judging by their amazing performance, these twins are definitely going to cause double the trouble in the future!While the video is absolutely adorable, it is not surprising that these babies would love to dance so much.

According to research, music is extremely important for young children. Music helps children figure out how to move around and express their emotions in a healthy way.

Music can also help with language learning. When you hear a song, it is easier to pick up on the intonation in the language. It also makes memorization a lot easier. This is one of the reasons why students often use music to learn a foreign language.

A study from the McMaster University found that babies who are exposed to music are more likely to smile. When these musical babies cry, they are easier to soothe than babies that do not hear music. Plus, extra music exposure is linked to babies who are more likely to explore the world around them.

If these little girls could talk and read the research studies, they would definitely agree with the scientists. They absolutely love dancing along to their dad’s music. While they are supposed to be eating dinner, it does not look like these girls care much about the food. They would much rather jam to the guitar and have a dance party.

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