The Extraordinary Children’s Choir won the Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent… Watch the video below…

One thing is for sure: this was the first time a performance had moved the judges so much. It’s not surprising at all, since the kids did a great job of getting the truth across in their show. Everyone was crazy about it.

If you like talent shows and think you’ve seen it all, wait until you meet the most enthusiastic kids at Flekeflee Primary School. On Britain’s Got Talent, what they had to show the judges and the audience to get on stage was definitely worth a Golden Buzzer, and the audience was glad that judge David Williams agreed.

This performance was nothing like the last one. It might be the most happy thing we’ve ever seen come to light. The choir and their loving and dedicated coach and master chose “Don’t Stop Me,” a famous rock song by Queen that came out in 1978 on the album “Jazz.”

They not only sang, but also danced to the song in a way that fit the words perfectly. By dancing across the stage while wearing colorful masks, including one with the face of a judge, they made everyone laugh.

Judge Alesha couldn’t have said it better, but the chorus made her feel amazed. You only have to look at them briefly to figure out what they want you to send back.

No one really knows how something so funny could make people cry tears of joy, which is another thing that keeps people interested. When Judge David hit the Gold Buzzer, it seemed like he gave the crowd what they all wanted. He got up on stage to congratulate the kids who were walking on the Moon.

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