Toddler starts dancing after taking his first steps in hilarious video: ‘Too cute man’

Parents love to capture their child’s milestones, the first time they walk, sit, talk, or stand up. However, it doesn’t always turn out to be the way they want it. In a hilarious video captured by a mom and TikTok user @amanduhlovesyou, her 14-month-old son is seen beginning to walk, but as soon as the song, ‘Blinding Lights” by Weeknd begins to play in the background, Declan can’t stop dancing and his dance moves are just out of the world. He first moves his shoulders and then holds a refrigerator’s handle and does his next dance moves. Thanks to his moves, people around him can not stop laughing.

The video went viral with more than 33 million views and is captioned, “Learning how to walk can be tough sometimes ” Many on TikTok fell in love with his dance moves. @jenbug1021 commented, “He said, ‘I don’t walk, I dance.’” @dee_irish commented, “I hope they were his first steps cause that was epic.” @donay13022016 commented, “They say, crawl before you walk. Now, this little one danced to the beat before he could actually walk. Too cute man” @momsterstories commented, “The way he smiled like ‘wait, y’all recording this?’ ” The mother told PittsBurghtodaylive that Declan started dancing when he was 6 months old and she has recorded him dancing since then.

The video was later shared by @mariashriver, a journalist, on Instagram. She captioned it, “Why walk when you can dance? Here’s to a great weekend! Hope you’re finding a reason to move, dance, and smile! Pass it on.” @poshy_passions commented, “He’s been waiting his entire life for this moment ” @hgran004 commented, “These passing moments are exactly what people mean when they say parenthood brings you “such joy”. Makes every sleepless night and mind-losing moment worth it!” @nancyadams9500 commented, “What a Cutie Pie He starts dancing You can see when he feels the move and decides to just go for it! ♥️”

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