Little Flower Girl Dances In Front Of Crowd, Then The Song Changes And They All Lose It

There are many momentous events a person experiences throughout their lifetime. But none compares to that of your wedding day. Securing the venue and finding the perfect wedding attire, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours preparing for the blessed event.Your duties may even include asking friends and family members to stand up in your wedding … Read more

A woman who raises her 5 children alone, because her husband found out about the children and left

Oksana Kobeletskaya, a resident of Odessa, lived with her husband, Sergey Semenov, until 2016. The couple lived happily, raising their little daughter Alice, but they were thinking about a second child. Oksana and Sergey wanted a boy, a brother for a girl. When the wife became pregnant, the husband was in seventh heaven with happiness. … Read more

Mother and daughter often sing and play for passers-by on the street. They have a large following on social media

Street musicians are not uncommon on the streets of big cities. Music always creates a special atmosphere. In a city where life always flows at a fast pace, you want to stop for a moment and plunge into the world of beautiful melodies. The talented violinist Karolina Protsendko lives in the USA and often performs … Read more