Toddler sneaks into bedroom to give kisses to her nursing dog

The little girl captivated thousands of people by being extremely concerned about her dog and the babies who had just been born. The relationship between children and pets can become indescribable.

The affection that is born in them translates into tender gestures like that of this girl, captured while she took care and caressed her dog and the little puppies she had just given birth to.

The video went viral on TikTok.

In the clip shared on user account Kacielynn21, it was possible to see how a woman broadcast her daughter’s adorable interaction with the canines.

The video captured the footage in which some parents review footage from one of their security cameras and discover that their daughter has entered the environment their pet rested in after giving birth.

Later, you can see how he caresses the female dog and her puppies so that they sleep peacefully.

The most striking thing was how the little girl hugged her pets, which reflected how worried she was about their condition.

“These parents are doing something very good”, “This girl has a heart of gold”, were some of the comments from users. On TikTok, the images garnered more than 1,600,200 likes and nearly 11 million views.

Dani Lynne, the mother of the minor, was able to capture this reaction in her pet and wanted to share it on her social networks.

“The one time I let my baby cry while I was cooking, I captured that precious moment,” the woman wrote on TikTok.

Either the child came when the parents just got a new pet, or the other way around. Then the mutual love and care between pet and child grows over the years. The video shows a mother dog nursing eight puppies.

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