This Dad Asked His Kid a Tough Question. When She Answers? Hilarious!

Little kids are amazing. They are very cute and innocent and remind us of all the things that we ever cherish in life. So naturally, every mom and dad in the world wants their babies to follow them in every aspect; they love when their kids look up to them because it makes them feel proud.

This can make some parents go a little bit overboard, though. Some of them go as far as to ask their children directly which parent is their favorite. In the video embedded below, you can watch this dad struggle with this doubt as he asks his baby girl this relatable question. You won’t believe what the little girl answered then.

The baby’s name is Maddie. In the clip, you can see Mick Tippet, the girl’s dad, asking her to choose a favorite between him and her mother. But wait until you see what Maddie answers to that.

This adorable video was recorded back in 2012, and it shows a very beautiful moment that both her parents will always remember. Maddie passed away recently due to a complication in her heart related to two different kinds of the “common cold” that had affected her. Thankfully, we’ll always have videos like these to remind us of the blessing that it is to become a parent.

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