Curious cat Minnie meets new baby sister

A cartoonist named Nick Fillippou took a video of his adorable rescue cat, Minnie meeting his new baby for the first time. At first, Minnie was a little afraid and nervous about the situation, but she slowly opened her heart to the baby. The video footage shows Minnie cuddling up against her mom’s baby bump and being a loving snuggle bug, and in the next scene, she meets her new baby sister.

Minnie is curious to learn about this creature that has come into her life. The best part of the video is when Daddy teaches the baby how to pet the kitty, which means she will grow up treating animals with kindness and respect. “Gentle,” he says! Way to go, Dad! When the baby pets Minnie with her tiny finger, it is adorable! It is so cute to see Minnie investigating the baby, as her little nose was wiggling while sniffing her.

It is beautiful that Daddy made room for his babies, and Minnie rested on the little girl’s foot. Such a beautiful sight to see Minnie hugging the baby, as she looks so protective and loving. Then when Daddy had one baby wrapped around his arm and his other baby wrapped around the other arm. Minnie’s little mitten paws are so adorable when she stretches her arm to touch her daddy’s face.

It is so precious when they help their daddy wrap presents. They are such good little helpers! Minnie and the dog are attentive siblings, watching over their baby sister. The end shot where the three of them are on the floor together is priceless, as is the baby’s sweet little giggle. Watch this video if you cannot get enough cuteness!

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