Teacher can’t hold in tears when Army son pops out of curtain and starts running towards her

She thought it was a normal assembly until she saw her baby boy on stage. 💜

Having children is one of the most rewarding things a person can do; bringing another little person into the world and teaching them right from wrong.

But with that amazing feeling, there is also a constant feeling of worry over your child’s safety.


That feeling compounds even more when the child grows up and decides to dedicate their life to something dangerous.

Any parents of police officers or firefighters will tell you that they constantly feel worried, and are only able to relax when their child comes off their shift and gets to visit them.

But what if your child chose a profession where they didn’t get to clock out at the end of the day and were always in danger?


Parents of military children deal with that every single day.

One of these mothers, 54-year-old Cheryl Pletsch, hadn’t seen her 24-year-old son, Jake, in over a year.

Jake had joined the military in 2021 and had been sent to Fort Bliss in Oklahoma for his basic training before transferring to Fort Still in Texas.

Before long, Jake had been deployed to Iraq and was there for 9 months.

He had definitely found his calling though, in the 2 years since he joined the military he had been promoted to the position of Staff Sergeant.

He was in charge of a group of other military personnel and was a brave and strong leader.

But, naturally, Jake’s family missed him very much so, and vice versa.


The whole time he was away, he missed his family and especially his mother, immensely.

As soon as Jake heard that he would be heading back home, he contacted his sister and asked her to help him set up a surprise reunion for his mother.

Jake’s sister contacted the school where Cheryl was a teacher and they organized a special event where Jake would be the final surprise.

As soon as her co-workers found out what was happening, they vowed to make it as special as possible for the mother and son.

During the student’s lunch period one day, the school’s principal hosted a ‘Lost and Found’ presentation.

This is meant to return things that had been lost and turned in over the school year to the right person.

She stared in surprise, tears welling up in her eyes, as Jake bounded down the stairs and ran over to her.

The two shared a long hug as all the staff and students who were in the room gave them a huge round of applause.

They were finally reunited and both mother and son could do nothing but stare at each other, hug tightly, and tell the other how much they loved them.

It’s a tear-jerking moment you don’t want to miss.

Watch Cheryl and Jake’s heartwarming reunion in the video below!

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