2nd grader astonishes audience with an unexpectedly mature rendition of a Johnny Cash classic

There is no doubt that this 7-year-old Johnny Cash impersonator is incredibly adorable. He sings ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ with a charming twang in his voice as he astonishes an audience of delighted people. Considering the fact that he is so young, his guitar playing is quite impressive.

As you look at the picture, you will notice that the boy is standing on the stage with his guitar, dressed ever so smartly, and he is very confident and ready to rock when he stands before the microphone as he plays his guitar. His next step would be to play the famous song, “Ring of Fire”, by the legendary Johnny Cash and sing it while he plays it. In your opinion, does he win over the hearts of every person who watches or listens to him?

When you listen to the treat that is just under two and a half minutes long, you’ll hear the crowd applauding furiously and you’ll see the boy merely stand there with a proud yet gracious smile on his face and the crowd applauding furiously.

It goes without saying that he deserved every bit of praise that he received in-person at the event as well as the countless positive and wonderful comments that he received online after the event.

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