Country Star Keith Urban Rocked Out With A Fan On Stage

Keith Urban’s concert on July 2, 2016 in Gilford, New Hampshire turned into a memorable one for a fan couple.

While standing on stage, Keith Urban spotted two signs held up in the crowd by a couple, Rob and Lexi. One sign said, “It’s my boyfriend’s birthday” and pointed to her boyfriend. The boyfriend held up his own sign that said, “Can I play your guitar?” and pointed to her boyfriend. The boyfriend held up his own sign that said, “Can I play your guitar?

After reading these lines, Keith then gestured toward them and said, “You wanna play my guitar? You play guitar? Well come on up here!”

Rob quickly took the stage, receiving an electric guitar from Keith. He confessed that being Keith’s backing guitarist was a dream come true. After securing Urban’s guitar, Rob launched into an energetic performance of the older, non-setlist track, “Good Thing

The star’s skilled Nashville session band effortlessly adapted to the change in plans, diving into the song’s tune as the frontman entertained the crowd with a lively performance. Watch the performance below:

The artist invited this man on stage without knowing what to expect, and it turned out Rob could play the guitar exceptionally well. He showcased a great sense of rhythm and delivered a tight, melodic solo.

The audience felt excited and eager by this impromptu performance. Cheers and applause filled the concert venue as the crowd enthusiastically celebrated this unexpected show. Luckily, the video was shared online, quickly grabbing huge attention worldwide. A wave of positive comments flooded in, praising the young man’s talent and the artist’s kind gesture

A fan commented, ‘Crazy performance! It’s amazing how he stays in the pocket through the whole song. Every time Keith points or gestures to Rob he’s right there with the whole band. It’s an incredibly magical moment.”

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