Lady Gaga Goes Full Diva With Epic “Million Reasons” At Royal Variety Performance

Lady Gaga’s Royal Variety Performance was all class when she gave the audience the full diva experience on her song “Million Reasons”. Her performances often feature revealing outfits and wild stage antics, but the audience got to see a different side of the megastar at the UK charity event.

Lady Gaga was looking stunning in a full-length white ball gown at the event, showing she can give Celine Dion a run for her money. The more low-key performance put more emphasis on her vocals, and she rose to the challenge with a powerful and emotive performance on the ballad. The clip is the second most popular live video on Gaga’s channel, with 49 million views and counting.

The audience at the Hammersmith Apollo in London were given a real treat as Lady Gaga performed “Million Reasons” with a full orchestra. The studio recording is based around acoustic guitar, but at the Royal Variety Performance the orchestra took the front seat, making for a truly epic performance. The orchestra version sounds so natural that it makes you think that maybe they should have done it this way from the start

Lady Gaga is a real master at rearranging her songs to spice up her live show. Another example can be found with her live cut of “Hold My Hand” at the 2023 Oscars. Her recording of the song for the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack was a lot bigger and bolder, but for the Oscars, the singer stripped it right back like she was on MTV Unplugged. Gaga and the band of course slayed the new arrangement, as you can hear below.

Fans loved to hear Gaga’s new twist on “Million Reasons” at the Royal Variety Performance, and added appreciative comments such as “She has such incredible control over her voice – possibly the best singer today” and “This live version is so much better than the recorded one. She is absolutely amazing in every way!”

“Million Reasons” had quite a star-packed writing team, as Lady Gaga co-wrote the song with Hillary Lindsey and Mark Ronson, with the latter also joining the production team. Lindsey joined Gaga for a performance in Nashville on October 5, 2016, and the pop star told the crowd about the origin of the song.

“I wrote this song with a Nashville native, Hillary Lindsey,” she said. “We sat on a couch together, and we were going back and forth, guitar and piano, and we were going, ‘Why these men, you know?’ All these men – my dad, my boyfriend, all the men in my life – they gave me a million reasons [to leave], but I just need one good one to stick around.”

The country tune was released as the second single from Gaga’s fifth studio album Joanne, and was a major international hit for the singer, hitting the top 10 in numerous countries. The song found the biggest success in the US and Italy, going three times Platinum in both markets. If you would like to see more from Lady Gaga, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook.

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