When A Pianist Turned Into A Dazzling Dancer, Leaving Everyone In Awe

Patrizio Ratto’s audition was one of the most impressive ones on America’s Got Talent in 2019, which has amassed over 10 million views.

As his piano was brought onto the stage, the judges, notably Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell, seemed unenthused, anticipating yet another piano performance. “Maybe it’s because I’ve been here for ten years,” Howie Mandel joked, “but I bet you we have a piano player coming up next.” Cowell responded with sarcasm, “Whoopee!”

Ratto began his rendition of “Für Elise,” initially appearing mundane, which left Cowell incredulous. However, what unfolded next shattered all of Cowell’s preconceptions.

Ratto surprised everyone as he slowed down the piano tempo, and a hip-hop beat kicked in. While still playing the piano with one hand, he moved his other arm in rhythm with the music.

Cowell looked surprised, trying to comprehend the unexpected turn of events. Then, Ratto kicked away his piano stool, discarded his suit jacket, and unleashed a burst of jerky, robotic dancing filled with crazed energy.

Terry Crews exclaimed, “What is going on?” capturing the bewilderment of the audience. Ratto displayed contortion and flexibility, bouncing up and down on the floor and leaning back to an extent that seemed almost impossible. The unexpected performance left everyone questioning, adding a unique and unforgettable twist to the show

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